For a movement that began under a “live and let live” philosophy, the LGBT folks certainly have devolved into one that demands everyone do precisely as they say. We see yet another example of this absolutism coming from, if you can believe it, the folks over at the Religion News Service (RNS). They are saying to faithful Catholics and evangelicals, that literally, “[i]t’s time to surrender” and submit to the demands of the fullness of the queer agenda. RNS takes it a step further even, warning that “it may well be past time, in fact, to negotiate good terms for their surrender.” As such, those leading the gay cause “may well simply crush religious conservatives” for good reason, they explain. The reason? Because, “[r]ather than negotiating compromises with the gay community, religious conservatives fought on to the bitter end.”

The RNS reports it didn’t have to be this way. Faithful Christians could have followed another example. “The Mormons showed the way by secretly sitting down,” they explain, “with state legislators and gay activists to work out a compromise that became the law in Utah.”

The New York Times sought to make the same case for compromise recently in an op-ed written by two authors, a gay atheist, and an evangelical political theorist. Their case is quite naïve, as it was the gay movement that carefully framed their case in extremely absolute terms: Gay rights are civil rights. This truth claim is not a statement of fact. It is one of faith, ideological conviction, and rhetorical strategy. It is aspirational. Their mission is for all to adopt this belief and condemn anyone who doesn’t as a hateful bigot. There is no middle ground. This script has been most effective. But if gay and trans rights really are civil rights, their proponents know the first rule of civil rights is that you don’t negotiate them.

At least the RNS is honest enough to admit that the gay movement demands that others compromise. But faithful Jews, Christians, Muslims, and people of common sense must realize that rolling over to their radical demands is not an option. Admitting that mothers and fathers are simply optional for children based solely on the desires of the adults involved, that a man who personally believes he’s a woman is indeed a woman and that actual women must compete against and happily share their locker rooms with such men are not things which can be compromised. They are fundamental truths of what it means to be human and only madness claims otherwise.

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