Concerned moms, dads, grandparents and community members are standing up to the woke left to defend girls sports and parental rights in Colorado — and they need your help!

Riley Gaines has joined the coalition effort called Protect Kids Colorado and is calling on all people of commonsense who believe girls shouldn’t be forced to compete against boys in sports to step up and do something.

If you are a Colorado resident, you can help them save girls’ sports and defend parental rights by signing their petitions to put these issues before Colorado voters this November.

The coalition effort is being led by Colorado mama bear Erin Lee, whose daughter was targeted by radical transgender activists while at school.

In an exclusive interview, Erin told the Daily Citizen, “These issues are deeply personal. My public school had radical activists conduct secret gender and sexuality training with my vulnerable 12-year-old. She was encouraged by adults to identify as transgender and then taught to lie to me about it. Parents have the right to be involved in their child’s mental health struggles; this is for the benefit of the child and the parent-child relationship. The parental rights initiative will ensure that right.”

Thankfully, Erin and her husband, Jon, were able to save their daughter from this sexually abusive ideology.

Now, they want to defend the rights of all girls and parents across the state.

The first ballot measure is Initiative 160, Prohibiting Biological Males from Participating in Girls’ Sports. This measure aims to save girls sports and create an equal playing field for female athletes.

According to Protect Kids Colorado, “This initiative ensures that girls are not deprived of athletic opportunities and scholarships and establishes a fair and safe environment for girls’ athletic competition.”

The second ballot measure is Initiative 142, Parents’ Right to be Notified of Their Child’s Gender Incongruence. This initiative requires a school to notify a parent if their child demonstrates any gender confusion. Shockingly, Colorado teachers are now required to call a child by their preferred name and pronoun; no parental notification or consent is required.

Lee told the Daily Citizen, “It’s unfortunate that this effort is even necessary. The Colorado legislature is off the rails. So, we the people are taking matters into our own hands.”

In Colorado, an initiative can qualify for the ballot in two ways.

The legislature can refer a ballot measure. Legislative referral requires that a measure be introduced and passed by both chambers in the state legislature before it goes to the people for a vote.

The other way a measure gets on the ballot is through citizen-initiated efforts. This method requires gathering enough signatures under state law. Colorado is one of 17 states that allow this method.

Protect Kids Colorado is leading a citizen-initiated effort to put these measures on the ballot.

To meet that goal, they need a minimum of 125,000 signatures by August 5, 2024, and they plan on collecting 200,000 signatures by July 31, 2024.

If they can collect enough valid signatures by August, this statutory initiative will be on the November ballot and then it will be up to the people of Colorado to make it the law.

Lee says there is a united effort to see these measures make the ballot because the message is clear and resonates with people.

These are such universally accepted issues: that parents shouldn’t be lied to and females should feel safe in their single-sex spaces.

It’s been amazing to see the diversity of people coming together behind these initiatives. People from every faith, every side of the political spectrum, every walk of life. Coloradans overwhelmingly disagree with secrecy from parents and males invading female spaces.

To learn more about collecting signatures or to find out where you can sign a petition visit:


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