Did you know that your taxpayer dollars are currently funding damaging and experimental “sex-reassignment research” on young children?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Sexual and Gender Minorities Research Office (SGMRO) has awarded millions of dollars in grant money to four pediatric clinics to “study hormonal interventions on children with healthy bodies as young as 8 years old.”

According to a one-pager by Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, “This means that due to a feeling of discomfort, girls as young as 8 could receive high-dose testosterone solely on the basis of their ‘gender identity’ as a boy.”

Just one of those studies from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles was awarded $1,059,628 this year from the NIH. It’s titled “The Impact of Early Medical Treatment in Transgender Youth” and has been ongoing since 2015. It has received $6,779,832 from the NIH so far and will likely receive millions more, since it is scheduled to continue through 2026.

According to the abstract of the study, it’s goal is to “recruit” young children and observe whether medical intervention (puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones) alleviates their gender dysphoria.

The study has enrolled 95 minors who are “initiating pubertal suppression” with hormones and 316 children who are “initiating gender-affirming hormone (GAH) therapy (testosterone or estrogen).”

The authors note in the abstract that a “key feature” of the study is that most children who have begun taking puberty blocking hormones will also be starting to take testosterone or estrogen (GAH treatment).

The study’s project leader is Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, who also produced a study on young girls, “Chest Reconstruction and Chest Dysphoria in Transmasculine Minors and Young Adults.”

As The Daily Citizen previously reported, “The research examined a group of 68 gender confused teens and young women who had their breasts removed within the past five years.”

We also noted, “An online video shows Olson-Kennedy teaching that adolescents make big decisions all the time, so breast removal is no big deal. ‘And here’s the other thing about chest surgery,’ she says, ‘If you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them.’”

Now, four Senators are proposing legislation to ban this kind of federally funded “sex reassignment research” on children.

The brief two-page bill has been introduced by Sen. Lee, and cosponsored by Sens. James Lankford, R-Okla., Mike Braun, R-Ind., and Roger Wicker, R-Miss.

It stipulates that “no Federal funds may be used to fund research or publications relating to gender transition in individuals under the age of 18, including any observational studies that gather evidence on the provision of hormonal treatments or surgical procedures on minors.”

“The Federal Government should never fund research that harms kids,” Senator Lee said in a press release. “This bill will protect taxpayers from funding spurious research, but more importantly, it will protect kids from the permanent damage this irresponsible research can produce.”

Joseph Kohm, Public Policy Director of Family Policy Alliance, endorsed the bill.

“American taxpayers should only fund sound, unbiased research … Sadly, several NIH-funded studies fail this basic test: they are clearly biased in support of a fabricated narrative that children experiencing gender dysphoria should begin transition as early as possible,” Kohm said.

“One of the studies even lacks a control group – indicating the researcher’s lack of concern for what happens when a child is not pressured to pursue transition. Senator Lee’s Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act exposes these serious concerns,” he added.

Research has found that among children who suffer from gender dysphoria, 80 to 95 percent will accept their biological sex by late adolescence if they are not given experimental hormone or surgical treatments.

Young children who suffer from gender dysphoria deserve compassionate care. But they should not be used to conduct harmful experiments that many will likely regret later in life.

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Photo from Reuters.