American political commentator and “conservative” Fox News contributor Guy Benson, host of “The Guy Benson Show,” recently announced that he obtained a baby via surrogacy over the Thanksgiving weekend. Benson is “married” to a man, Adam Wise.

In a post on Instagram announcing the news, Benson said,

Now that Conrad is here, I am not going to tolerate attacks on my family, including and especially the existence of my son. Full stop. Expect deletions and blocks.

In a statement to Parade, Benson said, “We are totally in love, so excited and he’s doing great.”

“It’s a challenge as new parents and involves so much feeding, crying, diaper changes and staying on his schedule. But it’s a privilege to do it. And we are over the moon,” he added.

Many popular “conservatives” were quick to post their congratulations to Benson and Wise on X, formerly known as Twitter. They included:

  • Matt Whitlock, a conservative communicator and former staffer for Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee.
  • Jonah Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief at The Dispatch.
  • Kat Timpf, Fox News commentator
  • Kathleen McKinley, Fox26 political pundit.

But what these “conservative” commentators are lauding is the commodification of a child, Conrad, who tragically will not grow up knowing the love of his mother.

Conrad’s mother contributed half of his genetic material and bonded with him in her womb for nine-months, but he has been taken from her – intentionally and permanently – to satisfy the desires of two adult men who wish to create a new kind of family.

Children’s rights advocate Katy Faust, who is blocked by Benson on Instagram, responded to Benson’s post by replying on X,

“Is it an ‘attack’ to acknowledge that you purchased his genetic mother from a catalog and paid to intentionally sever his relationship with the only person this baby knew the moment he was born, possible resulting in feelings of commodification experienced by other surrogate-born children?”

You can read Faust’s full reply here:

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey also wrote an insightful post on X:

When the debate over “same-sex marriage” was raging, many activists argued that a same-sex couple’s choice to get married would not affect anyone else. “Marriage is just a private matter,” they would argue.

But here’s where that argument – and where “conservatives” like Benson, Goldberg and Timp – goes wrong.

Same-sex marriage is not a private matter because it has profoundly negative effects on children. It is never morally right to forcibly separate a newborn child from their mother and father, simply to fulfill the desires of grown adults.

Any “conservative” who justifies this tragedy isn’t worth their salt; they’re failing to conserve one of the most fundamental rights of children – the right to their mother and father.

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