The passing of pro-life legislation across the country has abortion advocates worried, and there are reports that some women are turning to alternative methods to abort their child. A recent Vox article even argues that so-called “self-managed abortions” are on the rise. That may or may not be true, but the push to destigmatize abortion and make it seem like a normal activity is likely resulting in many women believing that there is little to no risk if they choose to do abortion their way. It’s a wrong and potentially deadly assumption.

It’s not difficult to find “natural abortion” options online. A quick Google search turns up a variety of sites that detail various ways women can supposedly induce an abortion. The list of possible natural abortion methods includes a variety of different fruit, teas and oils (The Daily Citizen has made the decision to not reference the specifics). Whether any of that is particularly effective is anyone’s guess, but the idea that any website is supporting these potentially dangerous home remedies should be deeply concerning.

Over the last couple of years, abortion advocates have been trying to destigmatize abortion. Whether it is by making the abortion pill available over the counter, through pharmacists or by changing the language that they use, abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood try to make aborting a child seem as easy and consequence free as possible. Unfortunately, this puts women at an unnecessary risk.

Despite what abortion activists say, abortion remains dangerous for women. For the abortion pill, these risks include hemorrhaging, infection/sepsis, undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, uterine rupture and, in extreme cases, death. Abortion is not something to take lightly, but the language used by activists doesn’t mention any of these potentially life-changing complications. Not to mention the eventual emotional fallout.

Of course, the abortion business ignores the risks that women can face and largely lays the blame at the feet of pro-life supporters. They argue that imposing more abortion restrictions will force women to seek out alternative methods. That simply isn’t true.

Being pro-life means standing for all life and wanting to protect both babies and their mothers. If more women are seeking out alternative methods, it’s because the abortion industry has consistently told them that abortion is “safe” and far too many believe the lie. As a result, women take their health and their lives into their own hands by acquiring the abortion pills through alternative means, either online or through friends, without ever seeing a physician or by trying one of those “natural” methods. It’s not safe, and some states have laws against it, but pro-abortionists want to change that.

There are currently five states – Delaware, South Carolina, Arizona, Idaho and Oklahoma – where it is illegal for a woman to induce her own abortion. These are commonsense pieces of legislation meant to encourage women who are thinking of having an abortion to seek clinical assistance or a pregnancy resource center. Not only could the women potentially change their minds, but they will also have some medical oversight.

Cecile Richards, the former president of Planned Parenthood, once said that the abortion pill is safer than Tylenol. Her statement was a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts for political purposes. Abortion is dangerous, whether it is chemical, surgical or self-induced.