The ‘Transgender’ Movement is Canceling Women, and It Must Stop

The ‘Transgender’ Movement is Canceling Women, and It Must Stop

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary made headlines last week when it changed the definition of female to include anyone who has “a gender identity that is the opposite of male.” In other words, biological males are now females if they think they are, according to the dictionary. 


Insert emoji with exploding brain. Someone, please stop this crazy train because I’d like to get off.


The toxic woke agenda of the “transgender” movement is complete nonsense. “Trans” ideology is illogical, anti-science and anti-woman. 


Biological males can never be females. And biological females can never be males. Period. 


It doesn’t matter how much their “internal sense of being” says they are something that they are not. 


Facts are facts. Truth is truth. And lies are lies.


It’s offensive to women to suggest that all it takes to be a woman is to feel like one. It’s actually beyond offensive. It is wholesale erasure. There’s much more to being a woman than that.


Just because I may wish things to be a certain way does not make that reality.


I can’t demand the bank hand over a million dollars to me because I identify as a millionaire. I can’t be the President of the United States just because I have an “internal sense” that I am. And I cannot be a doctor and demand that others address me as such and grant me access to operating rooms to perform surgeries just because I truly, truly believe I am a doctor. 


There are boundaries to reality. And consequences. 


I’m tired of seeing biological males win sports titles reserved for females. I don’t want to see another biological male recognized as “Woman of the Year.” These men are stealing honor, scholarships, opportunities and titles from biological women.


Radical leftists keep demanding that we all play along in this irrational game of make-believe.


Companies and organizations are tripping over themselves to appease these activists. Every June, we are bombarded with “LGBTQ Pride” marketing. 


And while tolerance used to be their motto, submission is now their battle cry.


The transgender movement is fundamentally anti-woman, and it’s high time we demand that this absurd game of make-believe stop. 


These radicals are hurting real women and girls.


The Bible is clear. Genesis 5:2 declares that God created human beings “male and female and He blessed them.” And Genesis 1:31 proclaims that “God saw all that He made, and it was very good.”


God’s design for humanity is good. And in God’s design, there are only two sexes – male and female.


Biology and science say the same thing.


The transgender movement has perverted God’s definition of male and female and nature’s truth. Their redefinition is a rejection of what God calls good, a rejection of God’s design for humanity, a rejection of God, and a rejection of reality itself. 


Are you a woman? Are you married to a woman? Do you have a daughter or granddaughter? Do you have female friends? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have a reason to be engaged in this conversation.


It’s time to reject the lies of the transgender movement, stand up for biological women and girls, and defend God’s design for humanity.



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Nicole Hunt

Nicole Hunt, J.D., is an attorney and serves as a writer and spokesperson at Focus on the Family. She provides analysis and advocacy engagement for Christians to promote faith, family, and freedom. Some of the issues she writes and speaks on include life, religious freedom, parental rights, marriage, and gender. Prior to joining Focus on the Family, Nicole practiced employment law specifically advising businesses and ministries on employment policies and practices. Nicole worked in Washington, D.C. as a Legislative Assistant to two Members of Congress. During her time on Capitol Hill, Nicole provided policy analysis and voting recommendations to Members of Congress on a variety of public policy matters, wrote speeches, drafted committee statements and questions, wrote floor statements, produced legislation and amendments to legislation, met and developed networks with constituents and interest groups, and worked on regional projects. In addition, Nicole served as an intern to Former Attorney General Ed Meese in the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, provided legal analysis to Americans United for Life, and interned in the Office of Strategic Initiatives at The White House during the George W. Bush Administration. Nicole earned her J.D. from George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School and her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science from Westmont College. Nicole enjoys riding horses and spending time camping and hiking with her family in the great outdoors. Nicole is married to her husband, Jeff, and they have four children. Follow Nicole on Twitter @nicolehunt