When it comes to the issue of abortion, it turns out Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) isn’t really “pro-choice” after all.

“We need to shut [pregnancy resource centers] down here in Massachusetts, and we need to shut them down all around the country,” she said. “You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that.”

By “torture,” Senator Warren is referring to the act of abortion-minded women calling on pregnancy resource centers – only to be told about life-affirming alternatives to killing their babies.

Sorry, Senator Warren, but the only person being “tortured” when it comes to abortion is the pre-born baby.

The Massachusetts senator says centers “fool people” – but since when did any woman inadvertently or mistakenly carry her baby to term? Is any woman deceived into a nine-month pregnancy? The mere suggestion is pure lunacy.

It’s not “fooling” – it’s called educating, informing, ministering, and serving.

Why does a self-proclaimed “pro-choice” person harbor so much fear and trepidation about providing women true and legitimate choices? After all, to be truly “pro-choice” is to support options – not hide or deceive women into thinking abortion is their only viable way forward.

Eliminate pregnancy resource centers and you take away critical, life-affirming services for tens of thousands of women each and every day. Today, over 2,800 of these facilities operate in the United States. By one estimate, they provide $266 million of medical services per year – at no cost to their clients. They serve women – and they save lives.

The charge that women are “fooled” into working with life-affirming centers is a bogus one – but let’s dig into it a bit.

If an abortion-minded woman searches for an abortion clinic online, she will hopefully come across a pregnancy resource center. Let’s assume she thinks it’s an abortion clinic and calls them or makes an appointment. And then let’s say she has a conversation with someone at the center, who helps her consider her various options.

Maybe she didn’t realize there was assistance available for her pregnancy and beyond. Perhaps she wasn’t aware of the medical risks of an abortion or the possible side effects of chemical abortions. Many women don’t know they can personally select a family in the event they made an adoption plan for their baby.

When they visit a center and see an ultrasound of their baby, they might be shocked to see ten fingers and ten toes. “You mean it’s not a blob of formless tissue?” they ask.

Truth be told, there are countless misperceptions and downright lies perpetuated throughout the abortion industry.

When it comes to abortion, its dangers and its alternatives, many believe so much that just isn’t so.

Senator Warren’s unconstitutional, reckless and harmful threats notwithstanding, the courageous, important and effective work of pregnancy resource centers carries on with undiminished enthusiasm.