A woman who visited a Planned Parenthood in White Plains, New York reported seeing an unclean and bloody instrument during her visit. Sadly, her post and review on a website went unnoticed for two years.

When visiting a doctor’s office, most people expect or anticipate that the room has been cleaned and sterilized between patients. At Planned Parenthood, that’s apparently not the standard procedure, at least that’s what one woman reported after visiting the White Plains Planned Parenthood location.

Angelyn C. posted in April 2019 on Yelp, “I been here before they had great service every time I’ve come for my visits but today I got really disappointed when I was brought in to a room where they didn’t clean up after the last patient. It was very unprofessional and unsanitary I posted the picture but it would not let me write a review for some reason.”

Though the picture is two years old, it has only recently been highlighted by the pro-life group Live Action.

However, what’s even more shocking is that the image and review is still on Yelp. Could Planned Parenthood – White Plains Health Center not get it scrubbed from the review site, or does it just not care?

Over the years, it’s become apparent that despite the legalization of abortion, the back-alley mentality of abortion clinics remains. They are usually places where women and the few men who seek their establishment for help generally receive a lower standard of care when compared to other doctor’s offices and clinic locations. 

Because abortion remains a political football, abortion clinics are unafraid of state investigations into their operations. A photo like this appearing in review for an average OB/GYN location would have prompted a health inspection at the very least. Planned Parenthood believes itself immune from such things, and clearly was unconcerned with what attention the picture could bring.

It’s not just Angelyn’s review either, though she’s the only one with photographic evidence of the abortion business’ failings.

Another review posted in September 2020 shows what a fourth-year medical school student experienced while at the location.

“I was extremely unimpressed and worse saddened by my treatment after leaving the waiting room,” Melissa P. began. “I asked the medical assistant if a Pap test would be possible, and she informed me that those were done on a different day. I asked if an alternate method would be available? She responded no and continued her list of question. She left the room swiftly only to come back in and ask about my LMP. The provider came in and confirmed I wanted to have my current method removed and started to put on her gloves. There was no dialogue, no discussion of my thought process.

“The truth is- if a medical assistant is going to function as the provider that’s fine. If they are going to complete the history, sounds good to me. BUT if they are going to be the sole person you talk to, they should learn how to deal with patients. Learn how to be compassionate and listen and not go down a checklist. And a provider should ask open ended questions. I understand more than most what it’s like to see patients and be busy. But my experience was unacceptable and inhumane. Would my treatment have been different if I were white? Looking at other reviews of this site. Probably. Will I ever return or recommend that my future patients go to this planned parenthood? Never!”

There’s also the review by Monigeh V.: “My 17-year-old daughter saw a doctor at this center. She was very upset after her appointment with her. She said she was rude and treated her like an unintelligent person. No bed side manner, far from caring. She will never go to this center again. I would think that an institution that is known for feminism would be kinder towards young women. Your job as a physician is to answer patients’ questions and empower young women. Not to scare them away by your lack of social skills. I like to think that the doctors are not there because they cannot be a part of successful practice somewhere else. You need to ask yourself why you got into this if you cannot answer a 17-year young woman’s concerns with kindness.”

And this is the truth. Despite its public image, Planned Parenthood does not care about women or health care. All it cares about is money.

This White Plains location is so bad that it even drew attention from The New York Times for how it treats its staff. If the staff members are treated horribly, imagine what the patient experience is like.

Sadly, too many believe the lie that Planned Parenthood exists solely to help vulnerable women when in reality it only operates in order to help itself.

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