In Ohio, pro-life volunteers have reportedly found the remains of a preborn baby, hazardous medical waste and personal medical documents in an unsecured garbage can in June and are calling for authorities to investigate the situation. Of course, the abortion business denies any wrongdoing.

“This heartbreaking situation puts the reality of abortion on full display,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “Abortion is not empowering. It is the violent and bloody ending of a baby’s life. Our hearts are broken by what this helpless child suffered.”

Abortion is a nasty and rather disgusting business. The remains of the preborn babies who become victims of abortion are treated as little more than disposable trash, which is where a group of pro-life volunteers apparently discovered the body of what they estimate could be a preborn baby between the gestational ages of 16 to 17 weeks.

The dismembered and crushed remains were unceremoniously dumped with other hazardous medical waste and sensitive medical documents, which is currently illegal in the state of Ohio.

In December 2020, the governor signed the Unborn Child Dignity Act, which would require abortion businesses to either bury or cremate the remains. Medical waste also requires careful disposal, to avoid contaminating others, and medical documents should either be secured or destroyed.

Northeast Ohio Women’s Center, where this incident occurred, denies the discovery and any wrongdoing. Sherri Lynn Grossman, Northeast Ohio Women’s administration, also proceeded to blame the pro-life group for trespassing.

“Absolutely not — absolutely not,” she said. “We have very strict policies and procedures in place.”

Per the Akron Beacon Journal, Grossman then adds that this discovery could be a sign that the group engaged in “criminal trespassing” and that the business declines to comment further but will conduct its own investigation.

It’s unlikely that the abortion business’ efforts will result in much change or that the authorities will fully investigate the situation.

Sadly, this discovery reflects this macabre industry as a whole, where lives are quickly discarded and the humanity of life in the womb ignored in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

This was recently seen with the discovery of thousands of preborn remains kept in a garage and the trunk of a car by Ulrich Klopfer, who worked in neighboring Indiana. In addition to the remains, he also did not properly manage patient records. During the investigation into why he had kept aborted babies for decades, authorities also found unsecured medical and personal documents related to patients that were years old and never properly handled.

There’s also the famous Kermit Gosnell, who was so incompetent as a physician and abortionist that he routinely had babies born alive after a failed abortion and killed them by snipping their necks in his decrepit and cat-infested clinic.

The abortion business is ghoulish and usually attracts those with little moral compass. This latest incident reflects a long list of disturbing incidents, where human lives are treated with little consequence, both the babies who are aborted and the women whose lives and bodies are often mangled by the abortionist’s instruments.

This is why there should be more regulations and investigations into what happens within the abortion industry. However, the topic has become so politicized that abortion clinics are allowed to operate in this grey area without consequences or oversight.

Pray that this discovery may fuel further laws and encourage law enforcement to conduct investigations the abortion industry.


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