Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine, a Republican, will soon have an opportunity to sign into law Senate Bill 27, which would require abortionists to either bury or cremate the remains of preborn babies.

Passed in the House by a vote of 60-35, with the support of one Democrat, the bill would require abortionists to give women the option of how the remains of their preborn babies are treated, either cremation or burial. They can also leave it up to the abortionist to choose between the two. This will be at no cost to the patient, except if she wants to make her own arrangements.

Violators would be charged with a misdemeanor.

“This legislation is attempting to add structure and policy to this process,” Dayton Right to Life President Margie Christie said in submitted testimony. “This legislation strictly addresses the disposition of the remains. It is not infringing on a woman’s right to choose and in no way burdens her choice. The choice has, at this point, been made.”

Previously, the law just required that the remains were treated “humanely.”

The abortion industry and its supporters oppose this measure, since it solely targets the abortion industry.

“Here we have a bill that targets only abortion providers and their practices while totally ignoring all similar, if not identical, practices around Ohio,” Gary Daniels, a lobbyist for the ACLU, said. “Drawing such distinctions makes no logical sense in light of the alleged purpose, as stated by the proponents of SB 27 to ‘honor the unborn.'”

Daniels also calls the legislation an “undue burden” on women, which isn’t true. In reality, it’s a financial burden on the abortionists, and that’s the real issue.

The state of Ohio also does have a reason for its concern about what abortionists do to the remains of preborn babies

Last year, authorities in Illinois made a gruesome discovery. Family members of Ulrich Klopfer, an abortionist who died in September 2019 and operated clinics in neighboring Indiana, uncovered the remains of around 2,500 preborn babies in his garage and in the trunk of one of his many, many vehicles. A Mercedes-Benz to be exact.

Mothers who went to Klopfer for the procedure were deeply traumatized by the discovery. Many reached out to authorities asking if the remains included their children. Unfortunately, the remains were too decomposed and fragile to make an identification. The state of Indiana later provided the babies with a proper burial.

Similarly, there’s the case of Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist out of Pennsylvania. He was eventually convicted of murder and was known for killing babies born alive after failed abortions. His clinic was also decrepit and filled with the remains of his victims. Most disturbingly, Gosnell kept the severed feet of a handful of babies he aborted.

Senate Bill 27 is needed in Ohio and every state in the country. Abortionists often operate without parameters and oversight. In another medical practice, there is no possibility of a physician stealing remains and hiding them away for years or for an abortionist to sever the feet of babies and display them in jars.

This new law will prevent this type of despicable action from happening in the Buckeye State.

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