A proposed California bill will allow courts to take away parents’ rights if their child comes to the state for what is euphemistically and deceptively called “gender-affirming health care.”

The bill would make California a destination state for “transgender” procedures for minors.

Dubbed “Trans Refuge Legislation” by state Senator Scott Weiner, SB107 “would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or mental healthcare,” said California Family Council (CFC) a Focus on the Family ally.

Should the legislation pass, adults could bring children and teens to California for experimental and damaging transgender medical interventions, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

CFC says the bill instructs state courts “to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody, if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

Weiner, the author of SB 107, deliberately designed the bill to push back against states that are working to protect minors from these experimental procedures.

Arkansas passed the “Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act,” (SAFE Act), into law in 2021, while Alabama and Arizona passed similar legislation this year. In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion “concluding that performing certain ‘sex-change’ procedures on children, and prescribing puberty-blockers to them, is ‘child abuse’ under Texas law.”

SB 107 prohibits medical providers from releasing information so that criminal or civil actions can be pursued for providing those harmful interventions.

Seventeen-year-old Chloe Cole was medically ‘transitioned’ from ages 13 to 16, along with 12 other girls who wanted to live as males. She has now returned to living as a woman, like thousands of otherdetransitioners,” and testified against the bill to a committee in the California legislature.

Cole said a therapist did not help her become comfortable with her female body – because such counseling is against the law in the state.

I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully. Our trans identities were not questioned. I went through with the surgery [breast removal at age 15].

Despite having therapists and attending the “top surgery” class, I really didn’t understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making. I wasn’t capable of understanding, and it was downplayed consistently. …

I will never be able to breastfeed a child. I have blood clots in my urine. I am unable to fully empty my bladder. I do not yet know if I am capable of carrying a child to full term.

Watch her full testimony, here:

Despite this horrifying testimony, showing the results of decisions made by adolescents and teens, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee passed the legislation with a vote of 5 to 2.

CFC Director Of Capitol Engagement Greg Burt said the bill is an assault on parents’ rights:

This bill declares war on parents throughout the country who don’t want their children sterilized because of their gender dysphoria, a condition that resolves itself in most cases after a child reaches adulthood.

Senator Wiener thinks he is making the state a safe haven for kids, but if passed, he will turn California into a threat to every family in the country.

In addition, the bill undermines laws in other states. Attorney Dean Broyles, president of the National Center for Law and Policy, said:

SB 107 is a direct assault on parental rights and state rights which will cause great damage to children and families if enacted. It seeks to make California a sanctuary state for parents or guardians desiring to unilaterally facilitate the child abuse of minors struggling with gender dysphoria

It decimates the legal jurisdiction of other states, carving out an exception to well-established and universal legal prohibitions on kidnapping, by allowing children to be unlawfully brought to California, as long as the purpose is to seek “gender-affirming care” (emphasis theirs).

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