Calling all pro-life supporters: It’s time to protect life in Ohio.

Currently, anti-life activists are collecting signatures to place a pro-abortion measure on the ballot for the state’s November 7, 2023, election.

Pro-abortion organizations, including Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights and Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, among others, are currently gathering signatures for The Ohio Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative (2023).

The measure would legalize abortion in Ohio throughout all stages of a woman’s pregnancy and enshrine abortion as a “right” in the state’s constitution. The measure would also likely destroy parental rights by permitting minor children to obtain abortions and so-called sex reassignment surgeries without parental notification.

Activists have until July to gather over 440,000 signatures in 44 of the state’s 88 counties.

After Roe was overturned last year, Ohio had a Trigger Law that took effect immediately to limit abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected – generally around six-weeks gestation. However, this Heartbeat Bill is currently tied up in the state’s court system.

As a result, abortion is currently legal in Ohio until a preborn baby is 22 weeks old.

To counter the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Initiative, pro-life supporters in the Ohio legislature are pushing back and seeking to raise the threshold of votes needed to amend the state constitution from 50% to 60% (known as Issue 1).

As we’ve reported, “This August, Ohio will hold a special election to determine whether the passage threshold will be increased. The August vote may very well determine the November outcome.”

Just days ago, the Ohio Supreme Court gave its stamp of approval for Issue 1 to appear on the August ballot.

It’s hard to understate the importance of the outcome for pro-life supporters of the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Initiative, should the measure be successfully added to the November ballot.

So far, anti-life activists are batting 1000 when it comes to promoting abortion via ballot measures. In 2022, abortion activists successfully turned out enough supporters to expand abortion rights in three states (Michigan, California and Vermont) and defeat pro-life measures in three traditionally conservative states (Kansas, Montana and Kentucky).

Abortion activists are also targeting Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota.

But Ohio is the next battleground.

The abortion lobby won’t stop until abortion is protected in all 50 states.

That’s why it’s vital for pro-life supporters to rally and protect life in Ohio. This could be the turning point, where the people – via direct democracy – choose to protect life, rather than permit the taking of it.

Among the organizations working to protect life in Ohio is the Center for Christian Virtue (CCV), a Focus on the Family-allied state family policy council.

In a statement to the Daily Citizen, CCV president Aaron Baer said,

For decades, deep-pocketed special interests have tried to manipulate Ohio’s Constitution to force their radical political agendas on the state.

Now they’re looking to pass an initiative to legalize abortion up until birth, without parental consent. This would lead to the loss of 30,000 lives per year. This is why voters must pass Issue 1 on August 8 to elevate the threshold to amend the constitution to 60 percent and protect our state.

Pro-life individuals must defend life in Ohio.

FIRST, please pray for the success of Issue 1, and should the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions make the November ballot, pray for its defeat.

SECOND, if you are in Ohio, please vote YES on Issue 1 in August and NO on the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Measure in November (should it be placed on the ballot).

THIRD, for pro-life individuals looking to get involved in Ohio, Baer said, “I’d point you to the resources we have available on our website at (then click resources under the menu, or at the bottom of the pledge page) and”

It’s time for pro-life supporters to turn the tide and defend life in the Buckeye State.

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and want to learn more about your options, you can visit My Choice Network here.

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