Only three weeks are left in the current United States Supreme Court term, and still, 29 cases are to be published by the Court. Probably the most controversial in recent memory is still to be decided – Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

If the leaked opinion stands and Roe is thrown into the ash heap of history where it belongs, abortion activists have promised a “summer of rage.” Instead, Focus on the Family is calling members of the pro-life movement to SeeLife this summer.

Abortion extremists say if Roe is overturned, they will be “ungovernable.” Many of these activists have already attempted to intimidate Supreme Court justices into changing their position on the leaked majority opinion by protesting outside their homes. In fact, just this week, one of these extremists admitted to intending to kill Justice Kavanaugh because of his support for overturning Roe.

Abortion extremists have vandalized and firebombed pregnancy resource centers – where women in unplanned pregnancies are receiving assistance as they consider whether to choose life for their preborn child. These abortion activists have consistently demonstrated that they don’t really want educated choices for women – they want women to abort their babies.

Focus on the Family is committed to coming alongside pregnant women and encouraging them to consider making a decision for life. We are unashamedly pro-life.

This summer, Focus on the Family will host a livestream event, SeeLife 2022, to rally with other pro-life friends, pray and become equipped to live out our pro-life values. This is the summer to SeeLife!

The livestream event will be held on June 14, 2022, at 7 p.m. MT and will be accessible to viewers online. Speakers will include many pro-life leaders, including Ben Shapiro, Candance Owens, President of Focus on the Family Jim Daly, President of the March for Life Jeanne Mancini, contemporary Christian musician, singer, and songwriter Phil Wickham, and Christian author and speaker Jesse Minassian.

While the radical left is inciting violence and calling for a “summer of rage,” the pro-life movement is seizing this pro-life moment to respond with love, compassion and a call to SeeLife.

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from champions in the pro-life movement and prepare for a post-Roe America. Register now and save the date for SeeLife 2022.