You would think that the embarrassing and unsuccessful attempts to derail Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings last year over farfetched sexual assault charges might have humbled progressives into silence about him, at least on that one issue, but never underestimate the power of dogged rejection of reality.

Justice Kavanaugh was hired by the George Mason University (GMU) Antonin Scalia Law School a couple months ago to teach one summer course to its students this year at a venue in Runnymede, United Kingdom. The course is already over-subscribed, according to the law school, indicating just how popular Kavanaugh’s teaching gig is among the school’s 525 students. The law school is ratedas having one of the nation’s most conservative student bodies.

But the undergraduates at GMU are another matter. They took to the sidewalks, Twitter,Facebook,andmorein an attempt to force the school to rescind Kavanaugh’s hiring and issue an apology.

The Administration at GMU, however, is not so easily bullied by triggered lefties. The school’s President, Angel Cabrera, issued a statementin which he said, in part:

“I respect the views of people who disagreed with Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation due to questions raised about his sexual conduct in high school. But he was confirmed and is now a sitting Justice. The law school has determined that the involvement of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for our students. And I accept their judgment.”

Runnymede, located in the English countryside, of course, is the site of the signing of the Magna Cartain 1215. The document was designed as a peace treaty of sorts to settle a dispute between King John and his nobles by requiring John to recognize certain rights possessed by all freemen, such as the rights to a fair trial and due process. Its place in the history of the development of the legal principle of “the rule of law” and its impact on English and American law places it high on the list of subjects for budding lawyers to master.

But for progressives at GMU, there shall be no “fair trial or due process” afforded to Justice Kavanaugh. In their view he was guilty as soon as the accusations surfaced. And as Justice Clarence Thomas’ experience with the accusations from Anita Hill at his own confirmation hearing shows, the effects of those smears will remainfor as long as he serves on the Supreme Court. What a shame.

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