Planned Parenthoods across the country remain open, despite the closing of restaurants, churches, gyms and any gathering over 10 people. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, it is technically a medical clinic after all, which isn’t covered by the various orders and guidelines that have closed other businesses. Though the competency of its medical care is entirely debatable, Planned Parenthood does have the opportunity to do something different, something unique during this time—treat patients. 

Over the last 20 years, Planned Parenthood has continued to decrease the number of preventative services that it provides. From pap smears to primary care and contraception, all have suffered severe declines. It seems like the only services that the abortion business cares about are sexually transmitted infection testing and services and abortion. That’s a depressing reflection of a business that claims that it cares about the health and welfare of women in this country. 

The coronavirus crisis is an opportunity to change that.

Obviously, the first step would be to cease all abortions. In this time of chaos, women don’t need the extra burden of living with an abortion decision. Unfortunately, the uncertainty means that more women will seek out the procedure. Concerns over finances and employment will make the decision to keep a child more difficult to those who are struggling.

The second step is to provide health services to those in need. This will do a variety of things: it would help alleviate some of the strain on health care providers, hospitals and urgent care centers around the community so that they can focus on the coronavirus and give low income families another health care option. If Planned Parenthood can provide some of these services, then it would go a long way in helping communities around the country. 

Of course, this would be an enormous sacrifice for Planned Parenthood. After all, the business’ focus on abortion has made it millions of dollars. These preventative services are usually covered either out of pocket, through insurance or through Medicaid so it would definitely have an impact on the business’ bottom line. 

But the organization claims that it cares about the communities that it services and the women that its helps. I would imagine that if Planned Parenthood gave up abortions that the business would find itself flush with customers excited and supportive of this change. And, in the midst of a crisis, the public relations impact of publicly announcing that it would be supporting local medical professionals by keeping their doors open and providing all the health services it can sans abortion would be incredible.

It won’t do that.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Planned Parenthood, despite being a health care organization, closed at some point due to concerns with coronavirus. It’s just another example about how Planned Parenthood cares more about money than the community it claims to serve.