When it comes to abortion in the United States, Boulder, Colorado is ground zero in many ways. It was the first state to legalize abortion and had one of the country’s first abortion clinics. Even today the nation’s longest serving late-term abortionist, Warren Hern, still operates in the community. But now Hern and other abortionists in the area have some stiff competition.

After three years without a pro-life pregnancy center, Boulder will finally have a new center opening up later this month. The support from people and churches all over the community has been tremendous.

“It’s like drinking from a fountain,” Executive Director Connie Weiskopf said of the immense interest and encouragement from local churches and others for Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center (BPRC). “God is so amazing.”

The idea to open a new pregnancy resource center (PRC) first came up last year, and a steering committee came together to see how a PRC could be reintroduced into the community. As a college town with multiple abortion providers, having a pro-life PRC was desperately needed to help women and men find help, hope and healing.

Unsurprising, the hand of God quickly became apparent in nearly every aspect. From finding the right office location to the retiring doctor from Texas who wants to volunteer his time, everything came together so perfectly that it could only be the work of the Almighty.

“God is redeeming the ground that the enemy stole,” Connie said. “One speck of light can dispel the darkness.” She couldn’t be more right. 

The office location is on the same block as the first abortion clinic in the state by Hern, and likely one of the first abortion offices in the country. That BPRC could get a location in such prime real estate was providence, especially since they initially couldn’t afford it and the location didn’t have a private restroom, a must for a PRC to ensure privacy as women take a pregnancy test. Not only did the owner of the building offer to become a donor to offset costs of rent but he also put in a private restroom. The expense of BPRC doing that themselves would’ve been several thousand dollars. In addition to that, everything in the clinic had been donated by supporters. 

The most important physical need of a PRC though is the ultrasound machine, which can sometimes make the difference between life and death for preborn babies. BPRC planned to go through Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound program, which provides machines for PRCs all over the country. But again, God had other plans and provided a machine through a different source. The husband of a board member mentioned the need to a Bible study friend who sells similar machines to veterinary clinics. The friend said he would ask his superiors about it. No promises were given by the company, and the friend didn’t know where the request would go from there. The result from his company was more than they could ever expect. 

Not only would the BPRC be getting an ultrasound machine from an imaging machine company based out of New York, they would be getting a 4D ultrasound machine, which is one of the most expensive and advanced machines a PRC can get. It was an immense blessing. When Focus on the Family had our Alive from New York event, the ultrasound machine used was 4D so that the audience could really see life inside the womb. There is no doubt that the donation of that incredible machine will have a profound impact, especially in an area that has become a destination for those seeking late-term abortions. 

Hern’s Fort Knox-like clinic, ominous though banal in many ways, is just a couple of blocks from their office. To get there it takes about a 10-minute walk or 2-3 minutes by car. It is likely that women around the entire community have been affected by the easy access to abortion that he provides.

In addition to providing free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, BPRC also plans to host post-abortion counseling classes for women and men in the community. This will help provide some healing for those that have been impacted by abortion. In addition, every person who walks through the door will receive a “love gift” in the name of Christ.

For the future, BPRC wants to set up a satellite office on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. They’ve already got a great start with one local college ROTC member already trained as a volunteer with BPRC. The hope is that a club on campus can be established in the fall of 2019.

The feeling throughout the evening of the PRC’s open house earlier this week is that God wants a pro-life pregnancy center in Boulder, and that urgency and desire was definitely felt. While small, there is no doubt that the BPRC will continue to grow as more women and couples seek out their services.