There have been a lot of calls for abortion clinics to close up shop during the coronavirus pandemic, both for moral and economic reasons. Fewer abortions means that lives are saved, and that surgical gloves and masks could be donated to local hospitals to protect doctors and patients. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to do that.

Last week, there was an article that came out stating that 11 Planned Parenthood locations in California have closed. That isn’t entirely true. At last count, only about nine have closed, with the websites stating that the locations were “closed until further notice.” No reason as to why was given. The conclusion is that these locations would help protect patients and staff from COVID-19. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Eight of the locations don’t perform abortions at all, merely refer the procedure out to other clinics. The three that do perform abortions only offer women the abortion pill, something that is cheaper than a surgical abortion. So, are these locations closing in order to help protect urgently medical supplies for hospital or because it’s not financially feasible to continue offering health services without abortions?

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that this decision is most likely all about the Benjamins. 

Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about the health and welfare of women. The evidence of this is the organization’s decision to deprioritize preventative health care, like pap smears, breast exams, contraception and other primary care related procedures, and instead focus on STD testing and services and abortion. The organization has also closed two health care related clinics in Ohio that did not provide abortions after it lost Title X funding. 

For an organization that received $591.3 million dollars last year in private contributions and bequests, it could easily offset the $60 or so million the organization lost and support health care in low income areas if it wanted to. 

But alas, Planned Parenthood is in the business of making money, not supporting women or those who need health care at low cost. So, it simply made economic sense to close some of the clinics devoted only to health care in California. After all, technically those locations aren’t making any money.

A good comparison is reviewing the Planned Parenthood affiliate office of Mar Monte. This office, one of the largest within the abortion business, has 34 different offices located throughout California and one in Nevada. Of those 34 offices, only five provide just abortion referrals and currently three of those are closed. 

Those locations that only provide abortion referrals are also in the extreme minority. In addition to Mar Monte, a review of Los Angeles affiliate Planned Parenthood locations demonstrates this emphasis. Only one of the 20 locations from that affiliate office provides simply abortion referrals. Three locations provide surgical abortions up to 24 weeks, four up to 16 weeks and all the others provide the abortion pill.

In several articles, The Daily Citizen has detailed Planned Parenthood’s lack of concern for patients and health care in general. But frankly, this revelation is a new low in many ways. There’s no other reason to institute these types of closures except to focus on making sure that all of their health care resources go to abortion. That is sad and disheartening in this time of national crisis.


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