Planned Parenthood recently announced that it will spend $45 million to get activists out to vote in the 2020 election, but only to support abortion and pro-abortion candidates.

In the promotion video for the campaign, called “We Decide Who Our Leaders Are,” various women talk about the importance of abortion and Planned Parenthood: “My life is at stake in this next election. It is a matter of life and death to have access to quality healthcare. Birth control. To safe and legal abortion. And accurate sex education. And that’s not happening now. Our reproductive rights have come into question yet again. …

“There is no reason politicians should be telling me when or if I can build a family. We need to go forward, not backward. … Voting is a way to do something when you wish you could just do something. That’s the whole point of our system. It’s the basis of our democracy. Politicians think they decide what we do with our own bodies? But guess what? We decide.”

But here’s the thing about Planned Parenthood, none of what it’s saying is really true.

Planned Parenthood hasn’t been actively providing healthcare for over a decade. As discussed in previous articles in The Daily Citizen, Planned Parenthood has drastically reduced the number of cancer screenings, contraception and other services that it provides. Sexually transmitted disease/infection testing and services and abortion are the only services that have grown over the last decade.

The situation has also failed to reach “life or death” status. Any person can walk into any emergency room in the country and receive treatment, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or ability to pay. Planned Parenthood’s existence is not contingent on women and men receiving care. After all, the abortion business did close two clinics in Ohio that did not provide abortion because those offices were unsupportable without Title X funds, which the corporate office could’ve provided if it had been so inclined.

This push for political engagement and funding has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with exerting Planned Parenthood’s power and influence over the government and over you and me, since we are a self-governed people.

In a shocking display of bias, CBS reporter Kate Smith explained how there is a movement in some political circles to try and force states to stop bringing challenges to Roe v. Wade to the Supreme Court of the United States, which is utterly unconstitutional and illogical. The United States is a federation of states, and the states, even before Roe v. Wade, had a vested interest in abortion policy as it relates to its citizens.

It’s no shock that Planned Parenthood is peddling its enormous war chest to fight for pro-abortion politicians. That’s what it does nearly every election cycle. In 2016, the abortion business spent $38 million on Democratic campaigns. Hopefully, like four years ago, the impact on the election is minimal.