If you ever had any doubt that talk of preferred gender pronouns is not rooted in any actual reality beyond one’s subjective feelings, pop diva Demi Lovato’s latest announcement should put that to rest.

Last year Lovato made big news by “coming out” as “non-binary” and everyone was required to begin referring to her as “they/them.” According to the new gender rules, one can get in very deep trouble at school, work or the family dinner table for not using someone’s newly declared “preferred pronouns.” People have even lost their jobs for not doing so.

But now Ms. Lovato has changed her mind. She is no longer the “non-binary” person she declared herself to be just last year. Lovato just announced she is a woman again and her new pronouns are both “she/her” and “they/them.”

What changed?

Well, she tells us, “Recently I’ve been feeling more feminine, and so I’ve adopted she/her again…” She made the decision to become female again in April, but only announced the return just days ago. So it is now ok to call her a woman again.

You see, if you are still going by the “old” concept that being male or female is what you are in your body, who you really are and cannot change, well you are not keeping up. Now according to the new gender ideology, being male and female is simply how you feel about yourself. Literally. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with your body or any other objective reality. Feelings. And that is why it is now one of the worst offenses in the world to say a male body should not compete against women. Why women no longer have babies, but “birthing people” do.

And those feelings can now change like the weather and no medical or psychiatric professional is needed to document the fact. That is because there is no fact other than the subjective feelings of the individual making the claim. If you understand this, you understand the new gender politics perfectly.

Maleness or femaleness are no longer objective realities rooted in every strand of DNA that courses through every part of our body. It is not rooted in the gift of our unique reproductive potential as male or female. Male and female are no longer objective realities.

This is why redefining sex to be synonymous with “gender identity” is essentially the full-blown erasure of sex and any real meaning of male and female. The deceptively named “Equality Act” seeks to do this very thing, codifying the erasure of male and female in federal law in favor of feelings. Daily Citizen has explained the serious dangers of this bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives in February 2021, but has thankfully failed to get a vote in the Senate.

Gender Ideology is an Illusion Being Forced Upon Everyone

Many good people make the dangerous mistake of believing that being “trans” or “non-binary” are actually what people are, just like being male or female. They believe new science must have established this. And this is why such declarations of new gender identities must be respected and honored. Such people are believing the “born this way” rhetoric that advanced gay politics so far and so quickly. But this is naive. Ms. Lovato’s new declaration of being female again demonstrates this.

So does Ellen Page’s infamous evolution. The woman who started her acting career in the movie Juno announced that she was lesbian in 2014 to great fanfare and “married” a woman in 2018.

But in 2020, Ellen famously announced she was a man named Elliot, raising questions whether she should still be celebrated as a lesbian trail-blazer. It was an uncomfortable, but wholly logical question that no one wanted to address. But an answer was given when her lesbian “marriage” ended in divorce in in 2021. You can’t have a lesbian “marriage” when one of the parties is now a “guy.”

Yes, Ellen Page is a very confused and wounded person who deserves great compassion and kindness. But no one should be required to play along with her “discovery” as if it represents something real.

These two women both represent very recent and real examples of the artificiality of the so-called LGBT construct and how it is currently coming apart. The “born this way” rhetorical strategy of sex is giving way to and being crushed under the “let me be who I say I am” fluidity of gender.

This is why no one should be compelled to use gender pronouns that are contrary to one’s biological sex. They are rooted in fluid feelings that can change with full legitimacy. And the demand that everyone should voice allegiance to baseless and ever-evolving gender ideology is an exercise in crazy-making. That is because pronouns are evolving beyond gender to include other imaginary identities like “bunself,” “kittenself,” “vampireself,” and “princessself.” The New York Times has reported this is very much real and serious.

The gender craziness goes even further than this. Just google “xenogender.” This word speaks of “genders” that are so new and unique that there are not yet words for them. This is all being fueled by human imagination and there are no speed bumps in sight.

No one should be required to play along. But we are being forced, and all reasonable people should resist.

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