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The organization “Gays Against Groomers” has come out strongly against sexualizing and confusing children by inculcating them into “transgender” ideology.

Founded in June 2022 by Jaimee Michell, with chapters in a dozen states, the group explains:

Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization and indoctrination of children. This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors, and gender theory being taught in the classroom.

On the first day of “LGBT Pride Month,” the organization posted a video (caution – disturbing images) where they state:

There is no pride in indoctrinating children in schools. There is no pride in stripping parents of their right to protect their children. There is no pride in sexualizing children at drag shows. There is no pride in mutilating and sterilizing children in the name of gender-affirming care.

This June, what are you proud of? Because we have some issues that we need to talk about. We’re fighting back, from inside the community. Join Gays against Groomers in the battle against radical gender ideology that is destroying our youth.

Focus on the Family and the Daily Citizen also oppose sexualizing and confusing children – grooming them to believe and act out a destructive “gender” dogma. So we’re grateful that this group of gay-identified individuals is taking a stance against a false ideology that leads to the mutilation and sexualization of children.

But at the same time, Gays Against Groomers should know: Homosexual ideology and activism helped pave the way for the gender ideology that has inundated our world. The push to normalize and celebrate various sexual orientations is inextricably linked with the push to teach about and applaud the multitude of invented gender identities.

“How so?”

Glad you asked. Here are two important ways, demonstrating there is a direct line between gay activism and transgender activism, with its overt sexual grooming of children.

Gay activism redefined what it means to be human, creating identities not based on being male or female, but on sexual thoughts, attractions and behaviors.

Throughout most of history, people didn’t think about “a homosexual” as a type of person, as if “homosexuals” were somehow a different race or species. They thought of men or women, and they might also have thought about certain things people did sexually or to whom they were attracted. Individuals were not viewed as “being gay” or “being lesbian” – as if this were the core of their identity.

In the 1800s, the idea developed and grew, primarily through activists and the developing field of psychology, that some people might be born with innate leanings toward sexual behavior with the same sex – as if they were a unique category of persons. Journalist Karoly Maria Benkart coined the term “homosexual” to describe men with these attractions and later created the term “heterosexual” as its counterpart.

Homosexuality was on its way toward becoming an identity, a type of person, rather than a description of sexual or romantic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This shift was furthered by slogans from gay activists about being discriminated against because of “who we are and who we love.” A person “coming out” as his or her “true self” and saying, “I’m gay” furthered this shift, creating a world which activists saw as having “gays” and “straights” – rather than men and women.

This is identity based on so-called “sexual orientation” – thoughts, feelings, attractions, desires and behaviors. Unlike male and female, “sexual orientation” is not a concrete, scientific reality, but a social construct.

And it is a false identity. God views individuals as male or female – made in His image and likeness. He doesn’t give us an identity based on sexual attractions or behaviors. Science, too, knows that humans are sexually dimorphic – we come in two types, male and female.

You can draw a straight line from this mode of defining people by their sexual orientation to the contemporary transgender movement and its classification of people by their “gender identity.” Both are variable, ill-defined social constructs, and both use sexual thoughts, attractions and behaviors for individuals to define themselves.

The two now play off each other, with new sexual orientations invented (greysexual, heteroflexible or spectrasexual, for example) to be attracted to the multitude of newly created gender identities. And, of course, a dizzying array of flags have been created to symbolize this growing number of sexual identities.

LGBT activists and their allies worked hard to redefine marriage and parenting. 

Marriage has always and everywhere been the union of a husband and wife. Marriage brings together a man and a woman so that any children born from their relationship have a mother and father to care for them.

But gay-identified people insisted on redefining this seminal union – the foundation of family, child-rearing and society. Activists worked to overturn biological, sociological and historical truth: Male-female marriage produces children, who need both a mother and father to parent and raise them into healthy citizens.

“Same-sex marriage and parenting” emphatically proclaim that male and female are irrelevant. Marriage redefinition was predicated on the ideology that people’s internal feelings, thoughts and desires are more important than biological sexual differences, the needs of children, or the societal necessity of strong families created by a husband and wife.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what transgender ideology says: Male and female no longer matter, and internal “gender identity” is more important than physical reality. If male and female don’t matter for marriage, they don’t matter for anything, transgender activists believe.

It’s also interesting to note that just after the Supreme Court redefined marriage in its Obergefell decision, transgender ideology was pushed to the front burner as the next big thing to transform our culture, with LGBT activist groups pouring money into promoting transgenderism.

Gays Against Groomers should recognize this contribution to ushering in gender ideology. Marriage redefinition also affected education, as well. Given that two men or two women could now be legally married across the country, what reason was there to keep books and teaching about gays, lesbians and their families out of public schools?

Which leads to our next point, and the next article in this series, the impact of teaching about homosexuality in education, which paved the way for transgender ideology in schools.

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