The Free Press has an explosive expose from a Washington State woman who worked for years as a therapist for the largest hospital system in the state that is doing the bidding of gender ideologues pushing what they dishonestly call “gender affirming care.”

Essentially, this is the agenda of pumping young bodies full of drugs in experimental applications and cutting off their perfectly healthy, fully functioning body parts. This is all based on a false belief system that someone can change their sex. This therapist was told by her superiors at the hospital that she must “affirm” every single young patient claiming to be “trans” regardless of other presenting clinical issues.

When she raised basic research-based questions about such a blind and unprofessional approach to their patients, she was told by colleagues it was “not appropriate to bring politics into this” and she was “demonstrating a hostility toward trans folks which is [a] direct violation of the Hippocratic Oath.”

Of course, raising research-based questions is what medical science does. This caring professional felt bullied by her peers, forced to ignore her clinical training, so she made the difficult choice to quit her job, a career she trained years for and loved. She is now telling her story.

This is the Press’ third such expose on the horrors of what gender ideology is doing to our young people and the medical profession. (You can read the other two here and here.)

This therapist’s name is Tamara Pietzke and she has been serving clients for six years but, as she explains, “in the past year, I noticed a concerning new trend in my field.”

Pietzke tells us,

I was getting the message from my supervisors that when a young person I was seeing expressed discomfort with their gender – the diagnostic term is gender dysphoria – I should throw out all my training [emphasis in original]. No matter the patient’s history or other mental health conditions that could be complicating the situation, I was simply to affirm that the patient was transgender, and even approve the start of a medical transition.

She and all her colleagues were essentially told to stop being medically trained, professional therapists and start being facilitators of dogma. That is the official position of Washington State’s largest hospital system.

This no-questions-asked approach is mistakenly called “affirming care” by those pushing gender ideology and transgenderism and it goes against every value of professional medical ethics.

Pietzke correctly asserts, “I believe this rise of ‘affirmative care’ for young people with gender dysphoria challenges the very fundamentals of what therapy is supposed to provide.” If the patient can self-diagnose, and the professional can only affirm, then the whole system of medical care breaks down.

She tells of one client who, in early 2023, told Pietzke she “identified as a wounded male dog” and this was her new “xenogender” that she found online.

Pietzke asked her co-workers how far they should go in “affirming” client claims. She asked, “Is there ever a time where acceptance of a person’s identity isn’t freely given?” She was told there was not. A peer told her matter-of-factly, “If someone told me they use a litterbox instead of a toilet and they were happy with it and it’s part of their life that brings them fulfillment, then great!”

This is not professional and compassionate care. It is insanity.

Pietzke is a 36-year-old single mother of three very young children. She is vulnerable and certainly does not have the resources to quit a secure job. But she did because she knew she was working in a deeply unethical system and her conscience would not allow her to continue.

Her stand and her voice will certainly cost her, but she has profound courage. She tells us, “I am terrified of speaking out, but that fear pales in comparison to my strong belief that we can no longer medicalize youth and cause them potentially irreversible harm.”

Not every young person who claims they are gender dysphoric are what they claim. Actually, very few so-called “trans” kids are actually, clinically gender dysphoric. Many are suffering from other co-morbidities that therapists like Pietzke are not allowed to explore. She details much of this in horrific detail in her Free Press article.

She and her peers are directed by their supervisors to simply take the teen patients’ self-diagnosis as wholly accurate and put them on a regimen of experimental drugs and possible bodily mutilation. This will permanently and irreversibly keep them from ever having children, enjoying any kind of sexual function, and put them at serious risk for multiple medical complications.

These are often young people that are influenced more by family trauma, additional psychological problems, attention seeking desires and rapid onset social contagion than any objective medical diagnosis. But therapists like Pietzke are not allowed to explore these deeper causal issues. They are directed by their supervisors to blindly follow the mistaken direction of their clients. They are forced to affirm illusion and gender dogma. This is not science, medical care, nor compassion.

This is why Tamara Pietzke had no choice but to quit her job, employment she desperately needs to support her three children and originally found deeply rewarding. But she knew that she could not live with herself, serving up other people’s children to years of suffering at the hands of gender ideologues who care only about their mistaken beliefs about what male and female are. She could not deny what is best for her patients. This is just part of the madness we observe under the specter of transgenderism. It is a pagan religion that demands everyone obey and respect it in every way. Pietzke had to finally refuse.

Daily Citizen strongly salutes this mother who refuses to live by lies. Such actions are demanded by all of us in our own spheres of influence in a culture increasingly detached from reason and appreciation for God’s creation design.

May the rest of us have equal courage.


Image credit: The Free Press