Libs of TikTok recently posted a video of a young person explaining to the rest of the world what “xenogender” is.

The person explaining “xenogender” to us looks like a young lady but uses the pronouns “he/they” and has the TikTok username “Iamabluefairyy.” In describing “xenogender,” the individual used the example of “cakegender,” saying:

I would describe xenogenders as a gender that cannot typically be described with terms such as masculinity, femininity, neutrality, androgyny and things like that. It’s more of how you relate to a particular gendered experience, but more of how you relate to things.

For example, cakegender. I know a few people who personally use it. It’s typically described as them feeling light and fluffy or sweet and warm. It’s not something that you can typically describe with the terms masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc.

Another example of cakegender would be if someone feels like they have different layers or flavors to their particular gender.

As you can expect on Twitter, the responses were not kind. But often very funny.

Well, typically, I would laugh or roll my eyes and move on with my life after seeing something like this. But this seems like a good teachable moment. Here’s a key point:

Gender activists are making all this up as they go along, so don’t expect it to make sense.

Here’s a second key point to understand – and act on:

Gender activists and their allies want to sexualize and confuse children by inculcating them into this irrational belief system.

A final point is this:

Gender activists and their allies are pushing conformity to this ideology in every area of life, including business and advertising, news and social media, sports and entertainment, education, medicine, government and the judiciary, and religion.

To the first point – don’t expect this to make sense – I decided to look up how many gender identities there supposedly are. One website, OptimistMinds, posted this article: “The 76 types of a Xenogender.”

You know the article is true because it states: “Medically Reviewed by our scientific review board.” Trust the science, people!

The authors explain to the unenlightened:

Xenogender is a nonbinary gender identity and umbrella term that defines gender identities which “cannot be contained by human understandings of gender.

This means that its genders are more or less crafted towards things that are out of relation to humans, like animals, plants, or things.

Here is just a sampling of “xenogenders”:

  • Biogender – Biogender is all about the connection with Mother Nature. Biogenders range from earthgenders, faunagenders, genderflora to hydrogender, felisgender, and so on.
  • Chaosgender – A person who behaves, thinks and expresses themselves in a confusing manner.
  • Ekragender – Ekra- prefix from the Greek word εκραγεί meaning “explode”.
  • Numbergender – A gender defined by numbers, combination of numbers, sumb [sic], fractions, etc.
  • Orbgender – A gender which feels round, without any edges.

But wait, there’s more.

OptimistMind has an article on 72 different genders – all distinct from “xenogenders.” And the site has articles (Medically Reviewed!), like “Genderfaun (tips for parents & caregivers),” Or you can learn the difference between aporagender vs. maverique. Or maybe you want to take the quiz, “Am I Transgender?

But the experts don’t seem to have any idea how many “genders” there are. Women’s Health has an article, “A Comprehensive Gender Identity List, As Defined By Experts.” The experts know! But somehow they only list 11 “gender identities.”

Trans Express points to “a list of 245 different gender identities,” from “Abimegender – a gender which is profound, deep, and intimate” to “Zodiacgender – a catch-all gender term that is used to describe one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign.”

Other terms like the “gender spectrum or “continuum” imply there may be an infinitude of genders, or at least as many genders as there are people on the planet.

Again, don’t try to wrap your mind around this. Leave it to the experts who study gender ideology in grad school.

This is what gender activists are teaching in schools, to children as young as pre-K, sexualizing children and fostering confusion. Start them young, say the sex ed experts, before they become heteronormative and cisnormative.

It’s no wonder one in five young people, part of Generation Z, identify as “LGBTQ+.”

Laws in California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon mandate that children be taught about LGBT-identified folks in certain classes and textbooks – in every grade. Other states have brought sexual orientation and gender identity to students through comprehensive sexuality education mandates or the dictates of departments of education.

Millions of schoolchildren, in both public and private schools, are being indoctrinated into this false, non-rational ideology.

Finally, it’s important to understand that gender activists are pushing conformity to gender dogma in every area of life. Business and advertising. News and social media. Sports and entertainment. Education and medicine. Government and the judiciary. Denominations and Christian schools.

So how do Christians respond to this pernicious falsehood that so many are believing? Here are just a few thoughts:

  • Pray for those insisting you believe this delusion – and for those caught in this lie who really struggle with sexual identity confusion.
  • Get educated and equipped to understand the “transgender” issue. This is not the only problem in our world today, but it is an important one, foisted on us by “experts” and those who have drunk the Kool-Aid.
  • Speak the truth. As Rod Dreher exhorts in his book Live Not By Lies, we must resist the “soft totalitarianism” in America today and refuse to live by and say things we know to be lies.
  • Teach your children and grandchildren about God’s good design for sexuality, relationships and marriage.
  • Reach out in love to those struggling with these issues.
  • Take action. Attend a school board meeting. Connect with teachers. Write a letter to a business. Disconnect from social media. Vote. Start a culture impact team in your church. Encourage your pastor to address these issues. Pick one thing and do it, and urge others to join you.

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