It seems like the sanity train left the station a long time ago in this country, especially when it comes to abortion and people who identify as transgender or nonbinary. In an effort to push a progressive agenda, some in the media are willing to completely ignore biology and embrace a delusion. 

Let’s be clear, so there is no confusion, only biological women can get pregnant. What someone “identifies” as their so-called “gender” really doesn’t matter when it comes to making a baby.

It’s rather odd that this biological fact must be stated, but the outcry for more inclusive terms when it comes to abortion keeps growing. In fact, a recent Democratic presidential candidate stated that even “transgender women” should be able to get abortion coverage. To clarify, a “transgender woman” is a biological man who now identifies as a woman. That a biological man would somehow “need” abortion coverage is a little ridiculous to say that least.  

But that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. In an article in the online publication Medium, a so-called trans activist said that, “claims that trans women are not women often rely on essentialist (and therefore incorrect) assumptions about biology.” The author fails to realize, or just conveniently ignores, that biology is a science not based on “assumptions” but on facts. But science and scientific theory are often being replaced with ideas and opinions that support a specific ideology. For some “scientific” research into LGBT issues, the conclusions are already predetermined before the study is even completed. The result is a world where abortion coverage now must cover every perceived identity and gender. 

Another article that also demonstrates this problem is from Huffington Post with this headline, “Women aren’t the only people who get abortions.” The article even uses the phrase “his abortion,” which is oxymoronic since, again, a man cannot have an abortion because men cannot get pregnant. The chaos in the article doesn’t end there.

The focus of the piece is on two women who have had abortions, one identifies as nonbinary (meaning the person feels that they don’t fit the “gender” norm) and the other is a self-identified transgender man (a biological woman). Both had abortions at Planned Parenthood and believed that the experience wasn’t inclusive enough. The nonbinary woman had her preferred gender pronouns, they/them, not honored and thought that some of the preliminary exams were “invasive.” 

Again, this is all ludicrous. Many female gynecological exams by their very nature are invasive, but that is what happens when a biological woman wants to have an abortion. The procedure doesn’t magically change or somehow get easier because she believes that she’s a man or believes her gender experience is outside the norm. The outward appearance of the individual might reflect a certain self-proclaimed gender identity, but the internal biology of the body doesn’t change. That’s why the women ended up pregnant in the first place.

But for the “biologists” at the Huffington Post that doesn’t seem to matter. One of the women even argues that her abortion treatment was tantamount to erasing her “humanity.” It isn’t. Her abortion erased the humanity and life of her child. And, having met victims of human trafficking in Uganda and refugees from South Sudan, I’ve seen and heard the trauma and terror that people have experienced. Many saw their family members or friends die at the hands of soldiers or violent traffickers. That Planned Parenthood didn’t use her preferred pronouns does not even compare.

That’s not to say that these women aren’t dealing with serious issues. One of the women admitted that her pregnancy had been the result of rape and the other was in an unstable relationship. But that’s where the women need assistance and help; the proper use of pronouns or a more “inclusive” experience isn’t the real problem. There are other, deeper issues that must be addressed.

For example, Jack Qu’emi Gutierrez, the nonbinary woman interviewed in the article, made this statement, “I know that if I had been forced to take that thing (i.e. the preborn baby) to term … There’s no way I would be here for you to talk to me now.” Her statement is obviously troubling.

When it comes to abortion, it is a medical procedure that is only performed on biological women. Any statements otherwise run contrary to science and basic commonsense, but the progressive agenda is pushing for a broader definition that replaces biological fact with pro-abortion, progressive madness.