Now the Daily Citizen team does not have a reputation as big beer drinkers, but we do have a passion for watching cultural trends. It turns out a certain cheap beer has become an important cultural indicator.

We are all aware of what happened when one of America’s most iconic beer brands infamously decided it would be good marketing to choose a new advertising scheme involving a 26-year-old man famous in the make-believe world of Tik-Tok for play-acting at being a girl. It has been downhill for Bud Light ever since, even as they ham-handedly tried to pull themselves out of their self-inflicted nosedive.

But a new Fox Business report this weekend shows it is not just conservative, “good ol’ boy” parts of America that are turning up their collective noses at the brand. Bud Light sales are plummeting even in the most liberal and moderate regions of the nation. By double digits!

The steepest decline is found in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest states with a stunning 29% decline in overall sales. The whole southern quadrant of the U.S. from Texas and Oklahoma across to Florida and up through Maryland and Delaware saw 22 – 25% declines with the entire Midwest seeing sales drop 24 – 25%.

Even the most liberal states on both coasts, California, Oregon and Washington on the Left Coast and New England as a whole in the Northeast, saw dramatic declines in sales of 18 and 14% respectively. Beer Business Daily reports, “We’ve never seen such a dramatic shift in national share in such a short period of time.”

Fox Business explains, “Look at that map, there is no relationship between Democrat or Republican states. Bud Light sales are down everywhere, regardless of politics.” The backlash is not just hurting Bud Light. Other Anheuser-Busch brands are tanking as well, some by up to 11.4%.

One Twitter user provided this helpful thumbnail view of the overall picture.

Something is happening with Americans and the trans ideology. Citizens are rejecting it.

Increasingly, people are no longer just willing to be “nice” and “accepting” about the gender falsehoods that have been so aggressively forced on all of us and our children. But this rejection is not just reflected in beer sales. Other quantitative measures like a new Washington Post poll indicate gender politics is losing influence with larger numbers.

Data from the Post’s poll was so stark they had to admit in their headline, “Most Americans support anti-trans policies favored by GOP, poll shows.” The Washington Free Beacon put it more honestly in their report on the poll: “America Rejects Trans Ideology, WaPo Poll Finds.” The Beacon explains:

  • A massive majority of Americans — nearly 80 percent — believe teachers’ discussing “trans identity” with students in kindergarten through third grade was “inappropriate.”
  • Seventy percent of citizens said it was wrong to discuss such topics with fourth- and fifth-graders.
  • A slight majority, 52 percent, said that teachers also shouldn’t discuss transgender issues with middle schoolers.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe that actual men who say they are women should not compete in women’s high school, college, and professional sports.

Most Americans reject gender rhetoric that sex and “gender identity” are different things with nearly 60 percent saying biology determines a person’s gender. It is discouraging that number is not higher.

It is important that all people of good will take a strong stand against the harmful lies that male and female are merely what anyone feels they are. These declining beer sales and rising poll numbers are a hopeful sign.

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