The coalition of citizens standing strongly and intelligently against the new gender madness certainly does not consist only of conservatives and people of deep faith like Christians and Jews. It also includes those with a wholly secular outlook on life, even committed evolutionists. This is good news actually because we need as many perspectives exposing this foolishness as will stand up.

One such secular intellectual is an unlikely favorite of ours at the Daily Citizen, a gentleman whom we otherwise have very little in common with. He is an intelligent and dogged advocate for the objective reality of what, until three minutes ago, no one questioned: the biological reality and importance of the human male and female. We think you should know about him as well.

His name is Colin Wright and he is an evolutionary biologist. His Ph.D. is in evolutionary behavioral ecology. He runs a small but influential organization that he named “Reality’s Last Stand” because he believes that is exactly what is at stake with the new gender madness. Dr. Wright is such a hardcore Darwinist that he has the numbers 1859 in his email address, the year Darwin published On the Origin of Species.

He has also been essentially blackballed from the Academy because his strong, vocal insistence on the objectively of male and female have gotten him publicly targeted as a “a transphobe who supports race science” simply because he believes biology is real and he is demonstrating why the emperor of gender ideology has no clothes. He felt he had no choice, as a newly minted Ph.D., but to speak up for the integrity of the work he has committed his life to. He explains, “I did not train to be a scientist for over a decade just to sit quietly while science in general, and my field in particular, comes under attack from activists who subvert truth to ideology and narrative”

Dr. Wright is very upset with many of his fellow Darwinists because too many of them are drinking the gender ideology kool-aid, and thus denying fundamental components of that belief system. Afterall, the biological reality and unique sexual efficacy of male and female do rate quite significantly in the evolutionary model. No DNA is passed to the next generation without the reality of male and female biology. So yes, even evolutionists have a deep, vested interest in this topic.

Wright explained recently, “I had been noticing some worrying trends emerging within the academy since around 2015 regarding the biology of sex – a topic about which I assumed the science has been substantively worked out long ago” he says with obvious  sarcasm. He adds things are unfortunately “getting worse – way worse” in the Academy. He laments that increasingly, his fellow scientists who know better are stating that biological sex is “a ‘spectrum,’ or maybe even an arbitrary ‘social construct.’” Wright boldly explains, “As a biologist, I knew that these claims were pseudoscientific nonsense.”

Four years ago, in a courageous and important essay, he called the ideological capture of scientists by the new pseudoscience of gender ideology “The New Evolution Deniers.” Because if male and female are not objectively real, then neither is evolution.

This capture has fully taken place, Wright explained in this essay, when serious science journals like Nature editorialize that “biology is not as straightforward as” science has always proposed. Uhm!

These progressive evolution deniers believe acknowledging the truth of biological sex will “undermine efforts to reduce discrimination against transgender people and those who do not fall into the binary categories of male or female.” It must be said that such people do not really exist, and Wright correctly thunders that such views are not science, but “nothing more than a form of politically motivated, scientific sophistry.”

Dr. Wright is pointing out that it is not just religion or a traditional view of humanity that the gender ideologues are trying to overthrow in their anti-scientific revolution. He warns, “If social justice activists require science to reject evolution and the reality of biological sex to be considered good allies, then we [evolutionary biologists] can never be good allies.”

And of course, he is exactly right. This is just yet another unseen consequence of the madness of gender ideology. And Wright wants to make sure everyone, especially his colleagues in the hard sciences, see it for what it is.

This tectonic shift in ideology among the Left is what led Wright to create this cartoon that Elon Musk made famous.

It shows Wright standing completely still as a center-Left liberal while the whole ideological landscape he called home shifts because of increasing wokeness. These shifts, happening just over the last few years, have placed Wright firmly to the right of the center line. Not because he has moved or changed his thinking on any central issue, but simply because the Left has gotten so extreme. Many liberals feel this same way, seeing clearly that liberalism has left them by becoming too irrational.

The Daily Citizen has appreciated Dr. Colin Wright’s work because of his moral boldness and intellectual integrity. He is someone who has very different views on ultimate reality, but is saying extremely true things, in pointed and clear ways, on issues that really matter. Our world needs more like him today.

Here are just a few examples of the important, clear-headed work he is doing…


Wright has also written some very important articles at the Wall Street Journal which offer important clarity on the current gender madness. We suggest “Every Tomboy Is Tagged ‘Transgender’”, “When Asked ‘What Are Your Pronouns,’ Don’t Answer,” and “The Dangerous Denial of Sex.”


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