South Carolina Gamecocks coach, Dawn Staley, ably led her ladies to a remarkable victory this weekend, becoming the NCAA National Champions over Iowa on Sunday. But she flubbed an easy layup on Saturday when she was asked what should have been a slam dunk question from OutKick reporter Dan Zakesheske.

Zaksheske asked Staley about “one of the major issues facing women’s sports right now” being “the inclusion of transgender athletes, biological males, in women’s sports.” He continued, “I wonder if you would tell me your position on that issue?”

Staley infamously hemmed and hawed on this very simple question, taking a slow, time-buying drink from the cup in front of her, before she moved into disaster territory.

You can see her answer here:

Her pauses and hesitations are painful to watch on such a basic question from a woman who famously leads other women. She explained, “I, I’m … uh … I mean, I’m on the opinion of, of … [long awkward pause] … if you’re a woman, you should play, if you consider yourself a woman, or, and you wanna play sports or vice versa, you should be able to play. That’s my opinion.”

“Consider yourself a woman.” What does that even mean?

Iowa’s head coach, Lisa Bluder, was asked essentially the same question by Zaksheske, and completely dodged it, stating, “My focus is on tomorrow’s game.”

Like Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson who, during her own Senate confirmation hearings, infamously said she could not define what a woman was because she wasn’t a biologist, both reactions were certainly not profiles in courage.

Douglas Murray stated the case clearly in this follow-up tweet:

Weak people do lose sight of clear truth. Coach Staley well knows what a woman is. We all do.

She studies them, recruits them, trains them, and leads them to victory. She knows that a man “identifying” as a woman doesn’t make him a woman. Womanhood is not a role, it is a natural fact. It is not an identity. But like Justice Jackson, Staley was afraid to say what she knew to be true. Unfortunately, she is not alone.

Here is what Coach Staley should have said in response to the question,

I know women. I am a woman myself, of course. I have had the privilege of coaching and playing against some of the most incredible young women athletes in the world. I work everyday to inspire these remarkable women to become the very best female athletes they can be.

Women’s sports is an important accomplishment in the advancement of women’s rights. It is a profound opportunity for fairness and advancement for women. I see it everyday in my work and nothing makes me prouder of the work I have given my life to.

But women being forced to compete against male bodies is not fair, it is not good, and it is actually very dangerous. I would certainly not be leading my ladies well if I looked the other way as men, regardless of their intentions, try to infiltrate their play and locker rooms.

I lead great women every day. I have committed my life to training women athletes to rise to the heights of their game. “Trans women” are clearly not women. Womanhood is not an identity. To suggest that it is, is an affront to all women and humanity itself. There is nothing confusing or difficult to understand about this fact.

If only more leaders would develop the moral clarity and truthful backbone to stand up against gender ideology that is effectively erasing the fundamental meaning of womanhood. Leaders like Coach Staley and Justice Jackson should have the courage to state what is obvious and true to the everyone. They must not live by lies.

We all know what a woman is. There is everything right about speaking that truth without hesitation. Sixteen brave women are presently suing the NCAA over their irrational position of allowing men to compete against women. The Daily Citizen wholly supports this kind of feminine strength and clarity.


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