Authoritative sources like the White House, members of Congress, pop stars, and major national retailers in your neighborhood are confidently proclaiming “Trans Rights are Human Rights” as if this claim is some uncontested established fact of human experience. It is not.

No one has a right to deny what God created in His goodness, in His image and likeness, which is what transgenderism does. It is certainly not a human right because it fundamentally denies nature, and as we will see, human rights are rooted in nature. On top of this blunt fact, no one has a right to force the rest of us to play along with their deception. No one has a right to compel your speech with their made-up pronouns. No one can force you to deny nature and make you pretend to believe things you know are false. Transgenderism does all of this.

It is also vital that we understand that this false claim is a deceptive weapon meant to shut down all debate because no good person wants to deny anyone basic human rights. No one should allow themselves to be intimidated by this claim because:

  1. “Trans” is not a real objective thing.
  2. Human rights derive from nature, not from subjective ideology.

Let us look at each of these carefully.

“Trans” Is Not a Thing, So It Can’t Be a Right

The American Psychiatric Association admits that the word transgender “is a non-medical term” and does not describe an actual medical or physiological condition. It is not recognized by any science. The APA explains it is an amorphous “umbrella term describing individuals whose gender identity (inner sense of gender) or gender expression (outward performance of gender) differs from” their natural birth sex. Gender as incorrectly used here is a vague and shapeless inner sense discerned only by the individual. It is wholly subjective.

So one must ask, “When you say ‘trans rights are human rights’ what are you actually referring to?”

Are you talking about people with clinical gender dysphoria, which is exceedingly rare? And gender dysphoria is not one thing either, but a collection of various psychoses. Some can be measured clinically. Some are fleeting.

Or are you talking about someone who is autogynephilic which is more of a sexual fetish where men get sexually aroused by being the women they sexually desire? This is a far more common form of transgenderism than most realize. Leading scholars on the subject surmise Bruce Jenner is autogynephilic.

Are you referring to Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria where adolescents and young adults – mostly female – who have never shown any form of gender confusion suddenly announce they are not their natal sex after being influenced by friends, trauma, social media and internet content?

Or are those making the claim simply referring to people who identify as “non-binary” because they either choose not to believe they are the male or female they actually are, or they believe they will get more special attention by peers and affirming adults?

Today, being “trans” includes a host of very different things (that the “trans community” itself cannot agree on) and no outsider is allowed to question the seriousness of or substance of the claim itself. Something so fluidly amorphous cannot objectively be defined as a right.

Rights Are Natural; ‘Trans’ Is Anti-Nature

Rights are derived from nature based in natural law. Natural law is defined as:

Transgenderism is certainly not an “unchanging moral principle regarded as a basis for all human conduct … relating to natural phenomena.”  It is actually quite the opposite, is it not?

It is a newly created anti-scientific ideology which challenges nature itself. This is one of its most defining characteristics, after all.

A natural right must meet 3 fundamental criteria.

  • Human rights are equally distributed to all humans.

In order for a right to be a natural human right, it must apply equally to all humans. That is why slavery was a gross violation of the ideal of human rights. It was selective in its application.

Transgenderism is very exclusive, applying only to a few, defined by them and their ideological allies.

  • Human rights are pre-government and pre-ideological.

True human rights exist regardless of and prior to some government or ideology advocating for its validity. Government and cultural authorities who claim “trans rights are human rights” are actually demonstrating their statement false by uttering it. Advocates who declare new rights are telling us they are not rooted in nature. Why? Because rights rooted in nature are, as The Declaration of Independence states, “self-evident.”

Trans activists who beat that drum so rigorously must do so because what they say is the opposite of self-evident.

  • Human rights are not the product of political or ideological advocacy

A human right is something no person or institution is required to provide another individual. It issues from nature.

Transgenderism demands that all of us confer rights upon others with the language we use via pronoun usage and names. This is not the recognition of a right, but the enforcement of an anti-scientific and unnatural dogma.

Those struggling with this confusion have the same rights we all have, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They don’t have special rights, rooted in unreality, that they can force others to play along with.

No, trans rights are not human rights. When someone tells you confidently that they are, kindly asks them to define what it means to be transgender and clarify what makes something a human right.

Listen carefully to their explanation. It will demonstrate that their declaration is an empty platitude that carries no weight. No one should be persuaded by such statements.


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