Tennessee lawmakers have introduced legislation in the Volunteer State to prohibit “sex change” procedures from being performed on minors.

Tennessee Majority Leaders William Lamberth and Jack Johnson introduced the “Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act” on November 9 according to Daily Wire. The bill “would effectively bar doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and performing gender-related surgeries on minors.”

In addition, the bill would allow children who have undergone these procedures and their families to sue for damages, with up to a $25,000 fine imposed for each violation.

The new legislation comes after Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh exposed Vanderbilt University’s Transgender Health Clinic for performing these body-damaging and experimental procedures on adolescents.

Walsh found that Vanderbilt “drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors.”

Walsh released video of Dr. Shayne Taylor, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt Health, explaining how profitable it can be for doctors and clinics to get in the “gender transition” game.

The price of a double mastectomy, performed on young girls to appear more masculine, “can bring in $40,000,” Dr. Taylor said. She then added that female to male “bottom surgery,” which consists of the removal of a girl’s uterus and ovaries, followed by the construction of a faux penis, can bring in $100,000 and is a “huge money maker.”

Just like abortion, there is a massive profit motive for “doctors” and clinics to perform these procedures.

“We love Tennessee kids and feel strongly about defending them against this irreparable harm,” Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson wrote regarding the new legislation. “That’s why I’ve worked alongside @WilliamLamberth to ensure this the [sic] first bill filed in the 2023 legislative session.”

As the Daily Citizen has previously reported, “At least 15 states are currently considering similar restrictions, while four states – Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Arizona – have already enacted laws prohibiting at least some ‘sex change’ procedures. Only Arizona’s bill (which takes effect March 31, 2023) is not currently blocked by a court ruling.”

Just last week, the Florida Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted to protect minors under age 18 from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and “sex change” surgeries.

“Interfering or destroying the healthy, normal reproductive organs of a child for the purpose of altering their appearance is profoundly unethical and morally wrong,” Tennessee House Majority Leader Lamberth said. “Tennesseans across our state have demanded an immediate call to action.”

“Through the passage of House Bill 1/Senate Bill 1, Tennessee will protect vulnerable children who cannot give informed consent for adult decisions they aren’t ready for,” Lamberth added.

In the last few years, we have seen the rise and popularization of something most people had never given a moment’s thought to: harmful, sterilizing and damaging “sex change” procedures being performed on young, impressionable children.

It’s nearly inconceivable.

However, the challenge of the “trans” ascendance must not go unanswered. It must be met with an equal response and a political will to enact laws at the state and federal level to protect children from these experimental procedures. The more states that quickly enact laws to protect children, the better.

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