Louisianna Senator John Kennedy found out after the fact that USA Today deleted his already-published op-ed on keeping males out of women’s sports from eight of their papers. Their reason: “loaded language” and “inflammatory speech.”

National Review happily republished the senator’s piece so all (subscribing) readers can see what “loaded language” triggered the editors at America’s Newspaper.

Fox News reports Gannett (Corporate owner of USA Today) Opinion Editor and Vice President of Standards and Ethics Michael McCarter stood by the decision to remove Kennedy’s piece. The paper said they gave Sen. Kennedy the opportunity to “revise his language – not his viewpoint – to adhere to our standards.”

When reached for comment, Sen. Kennedy explained to Fox News Digital that “USA Today Network apparently does not like the way I express myself.” The senator added,

They think they are the speech police. Drunk on certainty and virtue, they think they are our moral teacher. This attitude is why so many Americans have lost confidence in the media. The media is not going to win that trust back until they return to neutrality instead of advocacy.

But it is not just neutrality at stake here. America’s Newspaper has a problem with basic biology and scientific fact.

Sen. Kennedy was simply pointing out the differences in men and women while defending females’ right not to have to unsafely and unfairly compete against male bodies in sporting events. He explained the basic biological differences between boys and girls, men and women and how this problematically impacts sporting competition.

Sen. Kennedy’s office told Fox News that USA Today nor Gannett offered any objections to the piece when they agreed to publish it. It was only afterward, that the standards department at the newspaper explained to Sen. Kennedy’s office that “mocking how someone identifies is not acceptable.” Fox News also reports,

They also claimed Kennedy’s use of the terms “biological male” and “biological female” goes “against our standards,” claiming they were “loaded language and citing the Associated Press Stylebook, which alleges such terms ‘are sometimes used by opponents of transgender rights to portray sex as more simplistic than scientists assert.'”

But of course, science is very clear on what human sex is. There are only male and female human beings and they are notably different. Males produce small reproductive gametes and females produce large reproductive gametes which cooperate to create every generation of humanity. These differences impact every cell in the human body.

USA Today deleted Sen. Kennedy’s op-ed because the newspaper behemoth has a problem with basic science and reality. This demonstrates the craziness that gender ideology has created among us.

Every reasonable person must refuse to live by its lies.

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