Yet another male athlete who identifies as a woman has taken a victory from women and set records – this time in Canadian women’s powerlifting.

Anne Andres took first place and set a new Canadian women’s national record, competing in the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s (CPU) 2023 Western Canadian Championship. He had a combined squat, bench press and deadlift total of 597.5 kg. (1,317 pounds), Outkick reported.

The sports outlet added, “This is Andres’ 10th first-place finish out of 12 competitions.”

Female athletes, such as 12-time NCAA All-American Swimmer Riley Gaines and tennis great Martina Navratilova criticized Andres’ participation in the event, as did women’s organizations that work to save women’s sports for actual females.

Andres is 40 years old, only began weightlifting seven years ago, and competed in the 84+ (185 lb.) category, beating second place winner SuJan Gill, who had a total of 387.5 kg. (854 pounds).

That’s a huge difference of 210 kg. – 463 pounds.

Andres competed in the Female Masters Unequipped category, which is for women who use only approved supportive gear such as weight belts, knee sleeves and wrist wraps.

The CPU has a “Trans Inclusion Policy” which states that “that trans athletes should be able to participate in the gender with which they identify, regardless of whether or not they have undergone hormone therapy.”

The International Consortium on Female Sport (ICFS) correctly tweeted that the win was not a legitimate Canadian National Record, because it was set by a male “who is being allowed to lift against women.”

ICSF, with more than 500 core and affiliate members, is a coalition with one purpose: “To serve as the key international lobby group to advocate for the preservation of the female sports category.”

The organization provides research and support for women-only sports. In January, the organization wrote a letter protesting Andres’ inclusion in Canadian powerlifting to Garrett Bentley, president of the Ontario Powerlifting Association.

The organization stated that the Canadian policy was unfair and discriminatory toward female powerlifters. The letter said:

No matter their level of competition – whether local, regional, national, or international – women and girls have a right to access and participate in sports in a manner that is fair, safe and without discrimination.

Martina Navratilova, who has been outspoken against men competing in women’s sports, commented on the ICFS tweet, saying, “It is happening literally everywhere…“

Gaines has become a fearless advocate for protecting women’s sports and privacy in locker rooms, showers and restrooms. She posted an online video, explaining that Andres was “a male who has gone through male puberty with a male amount of testosterone.”

She added:

Being a woman or female athlete doesn’t mean we’re inferior or not capable of accomplishing incredible things, but it means we’re different from men.

That’s exactly why the women’s sporting category was ever even created. And we deserve to be recognized and celebrated based off those physical ceilings and our own uniqueness.

Focus on the Family also believes that those who struggle with transgenderism are able to find salvation and healing in Christ. Even while we stand against the gender ideology that says biological sex doesn’t matter and that a man can be turned into a woman, we hold out hope for those caught in this deception.

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