The Journal of the Danish Medical Association announced Denmark has been significantly limiting the number of children and young people getting access to puberty blockers, hormones and surgeries driven by gender ideology. The journal article states, “Several countries, including Denmark, have initiated a more cautious approach to hormone therapy until more evidence is available for its beneficial effect.”

This increased caution has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of Denmark’s youth being experimented on. In 2018, two-thirds (65%) of referred Danish youth were given medical help to try and change their bodies. By 2022 this percentage fell dramatically to 6% in total because medical professionals are recognizing that “new studies indicate that the positive effects are not found in this group.” Denmark will instead be advocating for therapeutic counseling and encouraging support for youth to live as their actual sex.

Denmark now joins Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom in adopting substantial cautions and limits on falsely named “gender-affirming care.”

The study admits that the growing phenomenon of detransitioners has caused them to take a second look at these experimental procedures.

The article’s five authors explain, “In recent years, there have been reports of reversal of hormone-induced permanent changes to the body that began in youth, both among adolescents and adults.” They add, “Overall, the changes have led to several countries … recommending a cautious approach to medical treatment” in favor of counseling and the watchful waiting method.

Another major concern for these medical professionals is the way this issue exploded in among youth so suddenly. In 2014, there were only four documented cases of youths requesting gender procedures in Denmark. By 2022, that number grew to 352, an increase of 8,700%. Similar several-thousand-percent increases in just a few years have been witnessed in many Western countries. This fact indicates that many supposed cases of “gender dysphoria” are spurred more by social contagion than an actual medical condition.

Therefore, medical intervention is not necessary.

A very helpful analysis of this Danish study was published by the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM). They explain,

This Danish-language article provides one of the most sober discussions to date of the inherent medical and ethical uncertainties of providing minors with profound, life-altering interventions in the context of very limited understanding of the epidemiological shift in the population presenting for care, the growing rates of detransition, and the profound uncertainty about long-term outcomes.

SEGM notes the importance of who authored this study.

The authors can hardly be accused of being “armchair critics.” They are the very clinicians responsible for assessing youth and approving them for gender transitions in Denmark. Realizing that their well-meaning intentions were based on insufficient evidence, and seeing the growing evidence of harm, they sharply reversed course.

SEGM also notes how the United States is increasingly out of step with other medical associations and the growing caution that is now taking place throughout Europe,

While countries in Europe are increasingly leaning on one another’s experience and collective knowledge to devise an approach to intake, screening, and support of gender-dysphoric youth in order to safeguard them from inappropriate, non-evidence-based gender reassignment practices, the American medical establishment continues to double-down and ‘do it alone.’

A Dead Daughter or an Alive Son?

It is vitally important that we all recognize what this growing caution among European medical professionals means for transgender rhetoric and the family. Parents in America are regularly bullied that unless they fully affirm their child’s new gender identity, they could likely be responsible for their child’s suicide.

This terrible manipulation is often mimicked by medical professionals in the United States as, “Would you rather have a dead daughter or an alive son?” No one should be swayed by this.

Clearly, medical associations in progressive European countries are increasingly rejecting this kind of manipulation, realizing that “gender affirming care” is indeed not lifesaving, but in fact, tends to cause more problems than it solves.

That is why Denmark is the latest such country to dramatically alter its “gender affirming” course in favor of treating other underlying causes for increasingly gender experimental children.

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